The GORE-TEX® membrane is the heart of all GORE-TEX® products. It contains over 9billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are 20,000times smaller than a water droplet, but 700times larger than a water vapor molecule, which makes the GORE-TEX® membrane completely waterproof from the outside, while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside. An oleophobic, or oil-hating, substance is integrated into the membrane, preventing the penetration of body oils and insect repellent that could otherwise affect the membrane.

GORE-TEX® fabrics are created by laminating our GORE-TEX® membrane to high-performance textiles, then sealing them with an innovative solution for guaranteed waterproof protection.

GORE-TEX® Footwar with XCR Product Technology is ideal for moderate and warmer conditions. Great for higher activity levels (high-impact sports)and changing conditions, including when you travel.

The microporous structure of the GORE-TEX® membrane is what makes GORE-TEX® fabrics completely waterproof. Each microscopic pore is about 20,000times smaller than a drop of water, which means no external moisture- from rain to snow to that puddle you just stepped in- can penetrate the membrane.

Key Features

  • All-Year indoor comfort and outdoor protection.
  • Extremely breathable to prevent feet from overheating.
  • Optimum heat conductivity and excellent moisture management ensure all-day climate comfort inside the shoe.
  • Durable waterproof protection stops moisture from seeping in.

Treksta  - Gorex, to keep you dry

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